Landsberger Straße 19
D-80339 München


+49 89 50 70 47
+49 89 50 22 56 9

Opening hours:
daily 10am to midnight

we offer warm & cold dishes continuously from 11am to 11pm
Leberkäs and sausages already from 10am

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Beef broth with homemade swabian meat ravioli and fresh chives 3,30 €
Traditional Bavarian beef broth with liver spätzle and fresh chives 3,60 €
Beef broth with homemade pancake 3,70 €

From the grill

Grilled beefsteak with pepper sauce served with French fries ans side salad 16,50 €
Traditional onion roast beef served on a bed of spätzle, braised onions and gravy 16,50 €

Bavarian specialities

Homemade meatballs with Bavarian potato salad served with gravy 7,90 €
Pork roast with crust, potato dumpling, cabbage salad and gravy 9,20 €
Half crispy knuckle of pork with dumpling and cabbagesalad, dark beer gravy 10,95 €
Slices of boiled beef shoulder with garden vegetables, buttered potatoes and horseradish 10,60 €
Breaded pork schnitzel served with French fries and side salad 10,95 €
Mixed pan with our specialities including duck, pork knuckle, roasted pork, cabbage salad and dumpling with a dark beer gravy 12,95 €
½ Bavarian Duck with gravy, dumpling and red cabbage 14,80 €
Bavarian speciality pan with crispy pork knuckle, pork roast, duck and sausages seved with dumplings und cabbage salad 14,80 €


until 13:00 pm Bavarian breakfast: white sausages with sweet mustard per sausage 2,10 €
4 Pork sausages from the grill on bed of sauerkraut 6,60 €
Leberkäs - munich style grilled meatloaf with fried egg and potatoe salad 7,90 €

Vegetarian Plates

Pasta with tomatosauce and parmesan chavings 6,90 €
Cream of mushroom sauce and bread-roll dumpling 9,40 €

Salad and Vegetables

Bavarian Bacon-Cabbage-salad

3,10 €
Original Potatoes-salad (Munich Style) 3,50 €
Small mixed salad 3,50 €


Marinated haring (Matjes) in a creamy grandmather style sauce with butterd potatoes 8,20 €
Smoked salmon with potatoe cake and a sour cream sauce 9,95 €
Grilled salmon with spinach and parsley potatoes 12,95 €

Cold dishes

Fresh garden radish traditionally sliced with buttered bread and chives 5,80 €
Munich style sausage salad with red onions and pickled cucumber served with a slice of bread 6,80 €
Bavarian style cream cheese (Obatzder) served with red onions and bread 6,95 €
Swiss style sausage salad with cheese and sliced onions, served with a slice of bread 6,95 €
Brotzeitbrettl Bräustüberl: variety of bavarian cold cuts with different kind of sausages and specialities, served with a slice of bread 8,50 €
Mixed bavarian cheese plate served with a slice of bread and butter 8,50 €
Homemade pretzel - the price per piece 1,10 €


One scoop of ice-cream 1,80 €
Fresh baked apple strudel on vanilla icecream with whipped cream 5,95 €
3 Pieces of baked apple-beignet with vanilla icecream and whipped cream 5,60 €
Blueberry pancake with vanilla icecream, grilled almonds and whipped cream (takes at least 30 min.) 8,95 €

We offer all dishes to take away.