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D-80339 München


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Opening hours:
daily 10am to midnight

we offer warm & cold dishes continuously from 11am to 11pm
Leberkäs and sausages already from 10am

Tradition Augustiner beers Horses of the brewery

It is 6 am: Nico, Peter, Paul, Jack and there other five friends are already awake. They know that they have got a hard day’s work in front of them - thank goodness the breakfast is coming, 10 buckets of oats and sugar beet! Yummy Yummy

Nico,Peter, Paul and the others are brewery horses; they are black Percherons, a breed of draft horse that originated in northern France. Every time the flower decorated Augustiner festive carriage is needed, the beautiful Pecherons have to go to work.

During the Octoberfest you can see the horses from 11 am until 4 pm directly at the Octoberfest. Altogether there are 10 horses weighing up to 1000 kg each. The Percherons tow 2 different carriages, one with 4 and the other with 6 horses. The Augustiner brewery is the only one that has historical beer carriages - from 1901 and 1950. The flower decorations are renewed daily.
During the rest of the year the horses are kept near a town called Regen, which is close to the Bavarian forest, where the horses are put to work in the timber industry.
During the Octoberfest, Michael Muhr and the other stable hands come to Munich and take their whole year’s holiday. They do this just so that they can look after the horses during this special time. He says the stable hands and the horses never change, and that they are a perfect team.